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Information collection from
European Associations of Cochlear Implanted Users
and harmonisation

The participants to a significant number of events organised by the VOICE Project underlined the need of collaboration among the Associations of implanted users, in view of ensuring larger awareness on their experiences and expectations.
An independent initiative started by EURO-CIU in this field has seen the participation of users from different European countries and is looking forwards to enlarging the number of members.

More particularly, since at present there is no official representation of the implanted Italian users in EURO-CIU, it has been asked to the VOICE co-ordination team to act as their representative for the time being and to help in spreading the received information to the users.
Next step will be that of gathering information in this field, in collaboration with the local Associations, as for instance AGUAV in Varese.

We ask therefore all Italian users and Associations to please confirm your interest in collaborating or in being informed on this initiative and to provide information on the activities that you are organising or you consider important to organise.
We will make available all the information that you will send us and discuss of an agenda for contacts, meetings and tests.

15th December 2001
Giacomo Pirelli

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EURO-CIU Symposium in Berlin 3rd May 2003:

Giacomo and Martin
Photo taken at the Berlin Symposium:
Giacomo Pirelli (implanted 4 years ago, when I was 18 years old)
with Martin Fehr (also implanted a few years ago)

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