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Giacomo Pirelli

I was born in 1981 in Brussels and I live in Ispra, above Lago Maggiore.

I attended an Artistic High Secondary School in Varese and I passed examination.
Then I attended an annual Web design course at ENAIP in Varese, with a practising work for Reggiani Varesin Spa and I passed professional qualification examination (See Curriculum Vitae).

I attended a course in Multimedia and Cinema (MultiDams) at University in Turin.
Some theoretic lessons and many pratical exercises led me to create some Web Sites and other specific applications, which I report in part in my Web pages of this Site.
I passed a degree with a thesis Humour, multimedia and television production in September 2005.

I attended the Master's Degree in Multimedia Audiovisual Representation, following the section of the New Media to continue and extend the way of the Multidams. On 30th January 2008 I was graduated with the lecturer Caprettini , presenting the thesis la tesi Comunicazione Multimediale nei grandi eventi sportivi, having 108/110 and the right for the publication of some most interesting parts.

I do many interesting activities that I often notify in the Web pages of this Site, from Parada theatrical show of Ragazzi di Bucarest to kites' festival and the meetings with Ray Bethell in Cervia and Vancouver, or with Maria Teresa Ruta and many others…

After having been operated on a surgical operation of cochlear implant, I'm in contact with AGUAV association of Varese and I participated in Symposium of Berlin of EUROCIU Association on May 2003, where we've thought to create an European Group of Cochlear Implant young users. In 2003, I also participated in the television transmission Life stories of RAI-TRE.

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